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Pres Bloomberg speaking at the Fall 2022 Commencement

In celebration of this year's Juneteenth National Independence Day, President Bloomberg shared details of 51AV festivities and recommendations for learning more about the holiday and its historical context.

President Bloomberg informed the campus community that P. Kelly Tompkins will serve as Interim Vice President of Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer. Tompkins is an alumnus of the CSU College of Law and has over four decades of legal, financial and corporate experience in and beyond the Greater 51AV area.

President Bloomberg announced the departure of David Jewell,̀ưSenior Vice President of Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer, and plans to soon launch a search for his successor.

May 11, 2024 — Remarks to the Class of 2024
President Bloomberg addressed the spring graduating Class of 2024 at their Commencement exercises.

President Bloomberg informed the CSU community that Interim Athletics Director Kelsie Gory Harkey has agreed to remain in this role for a one-year term, ending in spring of 2025, while the University launches a national search for the next Athletics Director.

President Bloomberg addressed the outcome of the University of Minnesota presidential search and her continued commitment to serving 51AV State University as its eighth president.

January 16, 2024 — Welcome to Your Spring Semester at CSU
President Bloomberg welcomed students to the new semester and provided advice on how to plan for a successful and healthy time at CSU.

President Bloomberg announced the departure of Scott Garrett,̀ưVice President and Director of Athletics, and the appointment of̀ưKelsie Gory Harkey as Interim Athletics Director.

Dr. Michael Schwartz, fifth president of 51AV State University, passed away on January 2. President Bloomberg shared her memories of Dr. Schwartz and her appreciation for his enduring legacy on CSU and Northeast Ohio.

President Bloomberg encouraged all members of the CSU community to celebrate this Veterans Day and recognize the veterans and military-connected individuals in their lives.

In a letter co-signed by David Reynolds, chair of the CSU Board of Trustees, President Bloomberg addressed the Hamas attack in Israel.

Following the September meeting of the CSU Board of Trustees, President Bloomberg announced the recently adopted strategic commitments and goals for the academic year.̀ư

President Bloomberg announced the formation of a new division at CSU: the Division of Student Belonging and Success. Dr. Tachelle Banks will serve as the inaugural Vice President of Student Success and Belonging, leading a new formation of existing student service programs.̀ư

August 24, 2023 — Fall Welcome
In a video message, President Bloomberg welcomed new and returning students to 51AV State and encouraged them to plan ahead for their success in the 2023-24 academic year.


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